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Why Choose our Team of Driving Solicitors?

Why Choose our Team of Driving Solicitors?

Our team of driving solicitors specializes in drink driving and other motoring prosecutions and has had an important number of favourable outcomes in defending motoring prosecutions. Our drink driving division is a highly specialized one and our solicitors are able to help clients who have been accused of inebriated driving.

Our team is based in London, however, we are able to service clients within the Greater London area as well as other locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Some of the reasons to choose our team include the following:

  • Expertise: all of our driving solicitors have relevant experience in this field and are up to date with the drink-driving penalties and disqualifications;
  • Clear fees: we respect our clients and provide them with clear fees, according to the circumstances of their case; please keep in mind that our fees will vary according to case severity and complexity;
  • A focus on results: we focus on the most desirable outcome for our clients, that of retaining their driver’s license and avoiding imprisonment, in the most severe of cases;
  • A transparent process: our driving solicitors will help you understand the realistic possible outcomes in your case; we will advise you on how to plead.

We understand the urgent nature of our services and how our clients will rely on us for immediate legal advice once they have been found guilty of drink driving. This is why we strive to be available and provide counsel and advice as soon as possible.

What are our competences?

Our driving solicitors in London have worked numerous cases involving drink driving and can provide you with specialized assistance if you have been stopped by the police and are accused of driving or being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink.

All of our lawyers have extensive legal training specialize in motoring offence, with a focus on drink driving. This is an important advantage for an individual who is facing penalties because an experienced team such as ours will have the knowledge to be able to determine the suitable outcome in a given situation. Perhaps you were wrongly accused of being in charge of a vehicle or perhaps the specimen of breath or blood for analysis was compromised.

Our driving solicitors will know how to handle your case, what problems you could face in case of a conviction, and will be able to offer you proper advice on how you should plead to the accusations.

What do you need to understand about drink driving in the UK?

If you are found guilty of drink driving you could face a fine, a possible driving ban and, in the most serious of cases, you could be imprisoned. Naturally, the latter is the main reason why one should be well aware of the strict drink driving limits applicable in the UK as well as the problems that he or she could face when found guilty.

The drink drive limit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is of 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath while in Scotland this limit is set at 22. Drinking affects individuals in different ways and our solicitors will take this into consideration when evaluating your case and formulating your defence.

If you are unsure of how you can be charged for this offence, our driving solicitors are here to answer any questions and provide adequate legal assistance.

How can our driving solicitors help you?

We offer complete driving offence advice and our team is able to help you in drink and drug driving cases as well as a number of other situations. Some of our services are related to:

  • Drink and drug driving: our team is able to help you if you have received a notice of intended prosecution for these offences;
  • Speeding: speeding limits apply according to vehicle type and area; our driving solicitors in London also offer services that target speeding penalties;
  • Minor offences: not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone while driving as well as faults with your vehicle.

According to the UK Government statistical data on motoring offences, in 2018 there were 3,187,000. Out of these:

  • 142,000 were for careless or dangerous as well as drunken driving;
  • 2,295,000 were for speeding;
  • 4,000 were accident offences;
  • other categories included motor vehicle offences related to vehicle test and conditions, license, insurance, and record-keeping as well as unauthorised taking or theft of a motor vehicle;
  • a different Government report estimates that in 2018 there were 5,900 total accidents related to drink drive and out of these  210 were fatal ones.

Contact our driving solicitors for more information on how we can help you if you were accused of drink-driving in the UK.